How it Began...

In 2013 I was in a self-inflicted car accident and taken to the hospital where I stopped breathing. I was intubated and fell asleep..when I awoke I saw my opportunity. This was my chance, quite possibly the last one I'd ever have. I made the decision to get sober and change my life. It's been continuously evolving ever since.

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A Story of Continuous Transformation

Equine therapy at Hunkapi Farms - 2013
Equine therapy at Hunkapi Farms - 2013

In August of 2013 at the age of 33 years old I checked into Scottsdale Recovery Center for drug and alcohol treatment. I spent 6 months rehabilitating at which point I also enrolled in a Masters's program of counseling at Grand Canyon University. Living in the Phoenix area I had no family. I had lost my apartment, my job, my car, and tens of thousands of dollars in debt I had never been happier or felt better about my future. For the first time, I accepted who I was and made the decision to get help and move forward with my life. This one decision snowballed into working through all of life's ups and downs. Relationships, jobs won and jobs lost, Finances and most importantly being accountable for the one thing in life I could control. Myself.

I became 100% accountable. For my past, my present, and my future. I stopped making excuses and started taking responsibility and it felt good. Slowly I learned how to deal with my alcoholism, then depression. I would begin developing healthy habits, one step, one day at a time. As life happened I was able to face it head-on, make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. I became a sponge and sought any information that would make me better. I soon began writing down what I was learning and how I can apply it in other areas of life, and how I could share what I've learned to help others.



The Proof

Life Today

The person you see today is the result of over 10 years of continuous self-improvement. I've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on coaches, counseling, programs, and books to help create more self-awareness. To see my blind spots and work on them. My journey is far from perfect. I've relapsed, I've made mistakes. I've worked through many challenges we all face, depression, relationship problems, career changes, losing a job, and having children. I saw a pattern in how I successfully approached new challenges. I slowly began creating my course. E.N.L.I.T.E.N. is the result of everything I've learned and applied in my own life.

My life today is proof that E.N.L.I.T.E.N. works. I've been back in my career of choice for several years and winner of the President's Cup. An award reserved for the company's top salespeople. I've been able to climb out of debt and travel the world. Received my yoga teaching certification. Create a program to help others overcome any adversity so they too may experience life at its fullest.

My biggest accomplishment to date, my family. I am grateful to have met my amazingly beautiful, intelligent, and loving partner, Sara who is also the best mother to our wonderful kids. River and Savanna.

Life continues to be challenging, but it's even more beautifully amazing than  I could have imagined. Armed with the tools I need to continue to grow and evolve I feel I'm just beginning.



My single biggest passion in life aside from my family is helping other people like you achieve your full potential…

Spending time with my kids and seeing all of their "firsts" makes me smile every time. As a family, we love being outside. Sedona is our favorite place in Arizona and in the summer we like to spend time in San Diego, Ca. 


Yoga has been a large part of my life since 2015. I was so passionate about it and its benefits I took the 200-hour teacher training to become an instructor. I don't teach often but when I do it is invigorating. I've been on yoga retreats in Sedona, Molokai, and Peru and traveled to Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Haiti, and all over the United States as well.


One of the most rewarding trips was working with two orphanages in Haiti. Seeing people with so little, yet so grateful for what they do have will really put your life into perspective

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