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I'm Rudy Montijo and I want to help YOU overcome your addiction or adversity and THRIVE in life!

Overcome your personal adversity and become the man you know you can be!

Break free from addiction and learn how to thrive professionally, personally and physically!


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Are you smart, driven and in control in your life but for some reason alcohol takes you off track?

Are you able to cut back, or even quit, but always feel like you're missing out or anticipating when you "can" drink again?

Do you find yourself drinking out of habit, or when you really don't even want to, then end up getting down on yourself after?

Are you tired of thinking about alcohol, and while you might not want to be 'sober' you are ready to take back control and start progessing where you know you can?

If you're honest with yourself, was alcohol involved in most negative situations in life?

if yes then Altered Ego was designed for you!

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My science-based, compassion-driven approach is designed to created massive self-awareness, give you positive, productive habits that will produce results in your professional, personal and physical life. Coaching and a supportive community that provides life-long value! 

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Are You Curious About Learning Why You Do What You Do, and More Importantly, How to Do Something Different?

No Labels

You're a man who needs a little help. That's it. We don't label anyone, confining them to certain stereotype...the goal is transformation. From where you are...to where you know you can be.

How It Works

Have a specific belief system? Great. If you don't, no problem. We tailor our program for you and combine it with proven methods to help break old thoughts and behavioral patterns to have you believing in yourself again. This produces results you can SEE and FEEL!


Change 1 thing and you change EVERYTHING! Giving you back your power, along with the tools, skills, and habits will allow you to reclaim the man you once were, providing results long after you finish the program.


"Overcome Your Substance Abuse Issues & Personal Adversity and Reclaim the Man You Once Were...

What Other Professionals Say ABout Rudy

Gordie Bufton

“I've been blown away at the amount Rudy's invested in himself, the amount he's invested in coaches, and his transformation has been incredible!” - Gordie Bufton - International Speaker and Author of, The Connection Effect.

Jason Bordonaro

“Rudy has definitely invested a lot in getting to know himself and work through lifes challenges or order to find solutions which have brought him where he is today." Jason Bordonaro - Co-founder of Springboard Recovery in Scottsdale and Modern Recovery in Denver. 

Courtney Olinger

“ I think Rudy did a great job discussing his many and repeated struggles with alcohol. He didn't make it seem like it was an easy road. I think they saw someone in Rudy who they could relate to in life, someone who has to keep working to be positive and sober." - Courtney Olinger - PsyD, LMFT 49051 

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