By Rudy Montijo

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Giving Away Your Power

I love speaking about this topic. I think it's by the far the most important take away from any one of my courses or blogs. When I understood this myself it changed my life and jolted me with new energy I've never had. A light bulb went off and all of sudden my future seemed brighter and my potential unlimited.

Want a new job? No problem. Make more money? Easy. Get in shape? Piece of cake. How is this all possible and what makes it so easy? The answer is looking at you in the mirror. Literally.

YOU have this power. You've always had it. Somewhere along the line, you fed into the belief that your success relied on something external. Your income was determined by your job and your job only. Why can't you start a side business, something as easy as finding free stuff online and reselling it or refurbishing it then selling it.

Relationship not heading in the right direction? Be proactive and take a serious look at your actions and ask your partner. "What can I do to help us grow stronger?"  Stop looking for reasons to leave and start looking for reasons to stay and work on it.



Volunteer trip to orphanages in Haiti. We were able to provide much needed medical care to the local community.

As soon as we start blaming someone or something for where we are in life we've already lost. By saying I can't do something unless....means you've given away your power to change. You're expecting someone or something to come to save you or do it for you. That's not how life works unless you enjoy not having any control of your circumstances. Would you teach your kids to wait and rely on a handout or to learn how to do it themselves? Then what's what we as adults need to do. Stop blaming and start being accountable. For our health, our finances, our children.

Don't expect the school system to teach your kids about credit, interest, and how money works. You do that. If you need help then turn to Google or Dave Ramsey for advice. Don't tell your kids the importance of eating healthy and exercise, show them by example. There's a saying if thing eating healthy is expensive try getting sick.

It doesn't' cost any more to eat healthy than it does poorly. Exercise can be free. What these things to take are a little effort and some more time. Don't have enough time? Get up earlier, create the time. I understand the challenges of all of this, I have a family, young children, a partner, a full-time job, and side hustles and at times I don't get it all done. But I don't make excuses. If I watched T.V. for an hour that was an hour I could have worked out.

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When you focus on yourself you realize how powerful you truly are. This is when change happens.

I am completely empathetic and understanding that we all come from different backgrounds. Racially, culturally and economically. These can't be an excuse. If you're old enough to make an excuse, you're old enough to learn accountability. I grew up lower-middle class in what some would consider a rough area. I did have two amazing parents. One of my best friends did. His dad died, his mom left him, and he bounced from home to home. He lived with us our senior year. He never went to college and made his share of mistakes. But he held himself accountable for everything, never relying on anyone else to take care of him. We offered, he didn't ask. Fast forward 20 years later this same man now owns several businesses with a 7 figure net worth. He is a great father who has always provided for and been there for his kids. Everything he knows about business, both online and physical he taught himself. He put the time in to learn, to study, to be frugal and smart with his money.

This is a person who had every reason to make an excuse, but instead, he took his life into his own hands, and by doing so he held the power to become who he knew he could.

Don't make excuses giving others power over your life. Be accountable, understand you have 100% control of your future and you can do just about anything. If you truly do this and understand the power is all yours, you'll be unstoppable.


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